History of the JDG

(The following text was borrowed from the old JDG website maintained by Maris Köpcke Tinturé)

The JDG was created in 1997 by Timothy Endicott (then Fellow of St Catz). Meetings were held in the evenings at St Catz, and regular attendees included Julie Dickson, Aileen Kavanagh, Bradley Miller, Nick Barber and a shadowy duck. It was the first discussion group established in the framework of the Law Faculty. Many others have followed. (You are strongly encouraged to attend those related to your subject!)

In 2000, Nick Barber (then Fellow of Brasenose) took over from Timothy Endicott as convenor, and was joined in 2001 by Samantha Besson (then JRF at Queen's). The meetings took place in the Danson room at Trinity College - the JDG's location till 2006.

D.Phil. students Dwight Newman and Danny Priel became convenors in Michaelmas 2003. Under their leadership (2003-05), the JDG continued to develop as an integral part of the Oxford Jurisprudence community - as well as one of its windows to look into the outside world (and a window for the outside world to look into Oxford Jurisprudence). Since then the JDG has been convened by M.Phil. and D.Phil. students. You can find their list below.

The JDG was and remains a highly popular forum hosting lively debates amongst graduates, faculty members and anyone with an interest in the philosophy of law. Thanks to all who have made possible the JDG as we know it today!

HALL OF FAME (Past Convenors)

2022-2023 Angélica Cocomá, Javier Gallego Saade, Filipa Paes, Trenton Sewell
2019-2020 Hafsteinn Kristjánsson, Crescente Molina, Joshua Pike
2018-2019 Hafsteinn Kristjánsson, Crescente Molina, Joshua Pike
2017-2018 Achas Burin and Hasan Dindjer
2016-2017 Mikołaj Barczentewicz, Hasan Dindjer, James Manwaring
2015-2016 Mikołaj BarczentewiczJames ManwaringLeah Trueblood
2014-2015 Mikołaj Barczentewicz, Rob Mullins, Leah Trueblood
2013-2014 Mikołaj Barczentewicz, David Frydrych, Sam Kukathas
2012-2013 Kate Greasley, Christopher Hinchcliffe, Sam Kukathas
2011-2012 Tom Adams, Asif Hameed, Christopher Hinchcliffe
2010-2011 Luís Duarte d’Almeida, Andrea Dolcetti, James Edwards
2009-2010 Paul Brady, Andrea Dolcetti, Pablo Stafforini
2008-2009 Raquel Barradas de Freitas, Guy Sela, Maris Köpcke Tinturé
2007-2008 Jorge Menezes Oliveira, Guy Sela, Maris Köpcke Tinturé
2006-2007 François Tanguay-Renaud, Maris Köpcke Tinturé
2005-2006 Michelle M. Dempsey, Maris Köpcke Tinturé, Paul Yowell
2003-2005 Dwight Newman, Danny Priel
2002-2003 Nick Barber, Samantha Besson
2001-2002 Nick Barber, Samantha Besson
2000-2001 Nick Barber

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