Convening Team

In 2023-2024 the three convenors of the Jurisprudence Discussion Group are Javier Gallego, Filipa Paes and Trenton Sewell. You can find out about previous convenors on our History page.

Javier Gallego S.

Javier is a DPhil candidate at University College. Supervised by Professor Nicos Stavropoulos, his doctoral research focuses on nudges, manipulation and the rule of law. He holds an LLB from the University of Chile and an LLM in Legal Theory from New York University. His research at NYU, on human dignity in atrocity crimes, was supervised by Jeremy Waldron. He also spent the Fall of 2010 at Harvard Law School as part of an academic exchange program, where he was enrolled in Constitutional Law, Human Rights Law, and Political Philosophy. He is currently a faculty member of University Adolfo Ibañez Law School in Santiago, Chile, where he teaches Legal Theory and convenes a mandatory seminar on Lawyers' Ethics. 

Filipa Paes                                   

Filipa is a DPhil candidate at Hertford College, supervised by Professor Timothy Endicott. Her research focuses on law and language, paying particular attention to ambiguity and mistakes in language. Filipa is particularly interested in word-meaning and conceptual analysis, and her wider research interests fall within analytic jurisprudence, philosophy of language, and philosophical logic. Prior to her doctoral studies, Filipa read law at Kent Law School, graduating top of her class in 2022. She is a founding member of "The Collective of Women in Legal Philosophy", a group created to promote and support women in legal philosophy and legal theory.


Trenton Sewell

Trenton is a DPhil candidate at Regent’s Park College, supervised by Professors James Edwards and Kate Greasley. His research pertains to the intersection of criminal punishment, excuses, and emotional motives, as applied to cases of medical assistance in dying (euthanasia). He received an LLB from the University of Cambridge (First-class), before pursuing an MSc in Philosophy and Public Policy from the London School of Economics and Political Science (Distinction). After that he returned to the study of law, taking the Bachelor of Civil Law from the University of Oxford (Distinction).