Convening Team

In 2024-2025 the three convenors of the Jurisprudence Discussion Group are Pía Chible, Filipa Paes and Angelo Ryu

For information about past convenors, you can visit our History page.

Pía Chible 🔗

Pía Chible is a DPhil candidate at Green Templeton College, supervised by Dr Hasan Dindjer. She holds an MJur from Lincoln College, Oxford and an LL.B from the University of Chile.
Her research examines the nature of the decisions that are made by government, including questions concerning the nature of the relevant officials, the types of reasons that bear on their decisions, the officials' specific mode of action and the kind of normativity their decisions entail.  
Pía is currently a member of the student committee of the Philosophy, Law and Politics Graduate Forum. She is interested in legal and political philosophy, constitutional theory and administrative law.

Filipa Paes 🔗               

Filipa is a DPhil candidate at Hertford College, supervised by Professor Timothy Endicott. Prior to her doctoral studies, Filipa read law at Kent Law School, graduating top of her class in 2022. 
Her research focuses on law and language, legal interpretation, and legal epistemology, paying particular attention to arbitrariness in judicial decision-making and ambiguity in language. In particular, Filipa is interested in questions of degree that arise in law and legal contexts. Her wider research interests are analytic jurisprudence, philosophy of language, epistemology, communication and rhetoric, and private law theory. 
Filipa is a founding and executive member of "The Collective of Women in Legal Philosophy", a group created to promote and support women in legal philosophy and legal theory, and has convened the JDG since 2023.

Angelo Ryu 🔗

Angelo Ryu is currently a DPhil candidate at St John’s College, supervised by Professor Timothy Endicott. Previously he read the MPhil in Law, the BCL, and the BA in Jurisprudence, also at St John’s. 
His research interests are clustered primarily in public law and legal theory. His thesis is on the concept of jurisdiction in administrative law. He has also written on the doctrine of non-justiciability, the error of fact doctrine, legal anti-positivism, the rule of law, and the role of juries. Ongoing projects include a paper on the nature of mercy, the basis for negligence liability, the nature of blameworthiness, and the rights-based conception of administrative law. Outside of academia, he briefly worked at the US Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals as a judicial intern.

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